by Owner of an Untamed Heart   Aug 12, 2011

I can't control my body
I can't control my mind
No matter how hard I try
I can't control my love life

Can't control my emotions
How much time I let slip by
If I had one wish
I would want to control this heart of mine

I can't control my anguish
Can't control my pain
No matter how good he treats me
My hurtful past will come our way

Cause I have a game face on
But sometimes nowadays
I realize that my heart's not
As strong as they say

So how can I love
With a broken heart
When there's a good guy
Right in front of me

How to trust someone
When I'm torn apart
Can't control myself
From the tears I bleed

How can I know for sure
That my heart's not dark
Enough to cry inside
Is that all I need

My control needs help
I just wanna control myself
Enough to love a guy
Who loves me


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