Cute Way to Say "I'm thinking of You"

by Poetic Ninja aka Papachopchop   Oct 3, 2011

Something happened to me,
and I wanted to share,
So I made up these cute words,
That rhyme here and there,

I was cleaning my house,
such a mundane task,
I put with it some music,
too make it go fast,

When curiously enough,
I started thinking of you,
But hear me out,
At least till I'm through,

I'm not madly in love,
Or something crazy like that,
Just wanted to say, "Thanks,
I'm so glad we met."

Right now you offer something,
Not many other people do,
I have the biggest smile,
When I stop and think of you.

It may not seem like a lot,
But it is worth more than gold,
To this one old fart,
That was left out in the cold.

Smile Mon Ami,



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Latest Comments

  • 7 years ago

    by Cinnamonspice

    I could relate to this poem on so many levels as I have someone that often crosses my mind in just that way.
    It was cute and quirky I loved it , the friendship in this was easy to feel. Excellent

  • 7 years ago

    by The Poet Behind The Poems

    I thought this was really well penned ... it was like a good hear a melody with it very well written