by patrick   Oct 14, 2011

In a private corner of my garden
Stands a feeding tray
Crumbs and seeds for birds from the sky
A stagnant catch of water breeding tad polls mosquitoes too

A lawn full of worms
A small piece of bird paradise
My privilege
Watch and take solace from urban nature so

Hearing denied, birdcalls through a metallic aid
Still touch the soul deep inside
The night sky polluted by city lights
The dawn sun fights the smog

Somehow natures message still hits a mark
Each day I am born anew
Cocooned perhaps in wishful hoping
But nonetheless my love of life renewed

Down at the corner some place close by
I witness reality
Sad heart bruising seeing suffering all about
Africas way, condoms in the gutter a show of last nights harvest

My paradise, in my mind
Cohabitates with hell on earth
How to reconcile such a thing?
This is not a rhetorical, answer please


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