by patrick   Nov 1, 2011

Growing old and still searching
Saying prayers?
Dancing for the years

God do you trust those who claim to trust you?
Those who are using you
In Gods name
The killing fields are blooming, a new

People that do not understand
Are people who say in Gods Name
People who fight and kill others in Gods name
Mightiest being there is, needs protecting with blood and hate?

The pure pornography of the crucifixion
Depicted in human terms
A father cruelly sacrificing his son to save the world?
Why do I see this as a contradiction?

Sadly,this life is not that wonderful vision I have painted in the bright colours of the rainbow
that vision that sits boldly in my minds eye
That will brighten our horizon
But rather the bombs and guns of hate,in Gods Name

"He is a little bit crazy" that is what they say about me
Talking about God and love and no devil at all
Swimming up stream all the days of my life
I am this island, inside of me,

I am and it's only in my name
I take reasonability for my life
I play the hand I have been dealt
What else is there to do?


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