Strangers On a Train (collab. with Matthew Schut)

by PinkyPrincess   Nov 1, 2011

A simple girl...

Sitting quietly on the train,
lost in pensive thought.
Wondering if I'm sane,
if happiness can be bought.

I notice a man in khaki pants,
wearing an intriguing, elastic smile.
He mesmerizes me with a glance;
I couldn't help but notice his style.

I notice how he observes me,
while I secretly observe him too.
His eyes are locked on me longingly.
What is he thinking and could it be true?

Feeling paralyzed, yet somehow I smile
I look away - my cheeks turn rosy pink
I have not blushed and squirmed in a while.
Why is he staring? And why do we feel in synch?

A simple guy...

I find myself staring at this girl across from me
with the cutest smile I have ever seen.
Amazed by her astounding beauty
she's a fairy tale, a beautiful queen.

Our eyes connect, my soul is amazed;
tingles run through my entire body.
I stare at her with a hopeful daze,
my heart is wishing that we could be.

If only she knew I have waited,
I have loved her from the very start.
My eyes are completely fascinated
and she has captured my heart.

An unexpected connection...

His hands are sweating, both hearts racing;
he walks over and takes a seat next to her,
She is unaware of what she is facing.
they're lost in conversation, in a blissful blur.

Minutes turn to hours; commuters enter and leave the train,
Breathless, the two strangers remain seated, with only love to gain.

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Latest Comments

  • 6 years ago

    by v

    Love it! I can completely put myself in scene. So can relate. Aweome Job!

  • 6 years ago

    by Cinnamonspice

    I really have to agree with what everyone has said. the only thing I can add is I really enjoyed reading this masterpiece


  • 6 years ago

    by Decayed

    Sarah & Matthew :)

    You shall write more often, for there are amazing exquisite emotions poured, alongside the scenes which created a very smooth atmosphere which was supported by the storyboard of the poem.

    Brilliant ;)

  • 6 years ago

    by The Poet Behind The Poems

    The best callab ive ever seen the idea was beautiful. .. A common idea but ive never seen it written so well its a love story that everyone would love to happen. . And the fact you each wrote it from his and her point of you. .. Made this somthing special. .. This is my field. .. The love poems that make you melt its not very often i see somthin that gets to me but i cant deny the amazing words and pure power and emotion used here. .. Deffo a fav and if i can a nomination. .. Simply astonishing. .. Amazingly penned


  • 6 years ago

    by Innocent Fairy

    Wow wow wow amazing beautiful fantastic wonderful delightful wow just amazing is all I can say :) 5/5 great job u two

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