How bad will death's sting be?

by Poetic Ninja aka Papachopchop   Nov 28, 2011

What if every time you inhaled,
Was one step closer to the death,
What if you realized this now,
And not on your dying breath,

Would you live your life different,
Would you take some things back?
Would you live life with more vigor,
Or force yourself to relax?

Everyone dies,
But not everyone lives,
Can you experience this world,
For all that it gives?

Would you give into every desire,
Even the immoral ones?
Or when these times come,
Would you turn and run?

When you think about your life,
Do you smile and laugh?
Or would regret be what you felt,
Thinking on a past someones behalf?

These questions serve one purpose,
And one main goal alone,
Did you find happiness in this life,
When the times comes to atone?

I hope that you do,
Before it's too late,
Before the life you live,
Draws and end to your fate.


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