by dontlookpassmytears   Jan 25, 2012

He got me questioning everything that he once said to me from the same lips that he parted to say I LOVE YOU. I'm starting to wonder if that's even true. He told me he didn't have anyone else , that he was in love with me , even though he knew my situation && where I stood with someone. and I was in love with him to , I couldn't deny the fact , being for the fact being that HE was all that I could think about . I couldn't get him off my mind . So I asked him how he really felt , almost every time we spoke to see if his answer was the same ....And it was .
But with my own two eyes I witness him was calling someone else boo , the title he gave me , he was giving it to someone else , just that quick. I don't know why I was feeling so hurt when I was the one that was already in a relationship but was trying to love him at the same time , but I was .


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