Trapped with chains...

by Matthew Schut   Mar 23, 2012

Deep inside my soul,
hidden so no one can find,
trapped by bars and chains,
lost in endless time.

Trying to escape but no strength,
day by day it gets a little weaker,
wishing to escape this dark box,
hoping for cupid's seeker.

I have tried to break the chains,
I hear the screams every day,
wanting to escape the cold hole,
but the chains just won't go away.

I'm sorry if it is 'me' that you seek,
but my heart is trapped deep within,
I am trying every day to release it,
but it is a battle I cannot win.

So if you ever take the journey,
and find my heart still there,
once you hold it in your hand,
please treat it with loving care.


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  • Wow, that was so amazing.
    It felt so powerful.
    Great job.
    -Shining Star

  • 6 years ago

    by Innocent Fairy

    Awww so meaningful and deep and I love every bit of it, every stanza,,simple but powerful and somewhat creative,,,I can see a play in my head as I read ur poem,,,amazing great job,,terrifically written :) 5/5