My Lover, My Best Friend

by Poetic Ninja aka Papachopchop   Mar 27, 2012

It has been many moons,
Since I expressed how I felt,
With warm soothing words,
To make your heart melt,

Since our beginning,
Some emotions have changed,
However, there are certain ones,
That have always stayed the same,

A natural feel,
A peaceful soothing,
I smile so wide,
You make my heart sing!

So many things,
I feel when around you,
I have learned so much about me,
I never knew I never knew.

It breaks my heart to see you,
Frustrated, stressed, and in pain,
And it is five times as bad,
If I made it that way.

But With each passing day,
We grow stronger than the last,
We've had some bumps in the road,
From mistakes in the past,

Yet, on this very note,
Words may run a bit dry,
So let the future then tell you,
That this WILL subside,

To stop with the dumb shit,
And talk out the kinks,
Because a world without you,
Well, it's all gross and stinks.

The way that you smile,
The tone of your voice,
If you were a car,
You'd be a rolls royce,

At least in my eyes,
That's the view that I see,
You may not think yourself perfect,
But you are damn close to me.

My lover, My friend,
Never have I had all this in one,
It feels just so... right,
I pray it never be undone,

I am just a man,
That loves you with all he is worth,
full of devotion and loyalty,
Stronger than any on earth.


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Latest Comments

  • 6 years ago

    by Kate

    This is precious. I love the rhyme in it. It really adds to the lightness of the poem. The topic may be kind of heavy but the relief you hope to achieve after reading this is really helped by the rhyme.
    It's lovely.

    • Thank you very much Healing Kate. You may not know this but today is my birthday and your comment just made me smile even bigger on such an eventful day. Thank You, I praised your comment btw