Just be yourself...

by Janis   Apr 22, 2012

Do you really intend to tell me those lies?
Honestly you could at least try then a bit;
Otherwise they are just so plain;
Or do you really see me as someone blind?

Guess it matters for you so less;
If it causes me pain or stress;
Maybe then you should just keep silent;
When you see me bleeding again so recent.

How could you be so clueless of how I feel?
How can you not see that you are my ideal?
Must be gone completely out of my mind;
To call you who hurts me most so kind.

Having lost everything I still kept trying;
Even if you always just kept on lying;
Maybe you think its for my sake;
But all you do is just your own soul forsake.

Can`t you recall; you said yourself;
"Lies just help one lose himself";
So just stop it please...
While you still can put us at ease...


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  • 6 years ago

    by Areeba

    Awesome work.. well penned :) ... keep the good work up ...