My Endless Torture

by Holly Cassidy   May 18, 2012

On the outside,
You see just another smile,
With eyes free of tears,
And a glowing face.

But on the inside,
My heart tears bit by bit,
Like paper torn down the middle
Everytime we meet...

You don't know,
All the pain I go through
Beneath this bright smile.
You're so naive.

I don't want you to know,
How much I die inside,
How much I weep,
How much I'm tortured...

Your image is like a dagger,
Piercing my heart,
The pain so excruciating,
I can't even bear it.

I can't free myself,
Of this constant torture,
It eats me alive,
Trapping me in it's wrath.

As much as I try,
I'm chained,
I can't break free.
Nobody can save me.

My screams and cries,
Are hopeless and no good,
It's no use, nothing is working...

And so my endless torture,
Will forever haunt me...


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  • 6 years ago

    by Hannah Lizette

    Can totally relate to this right now; great poem. 5/5