by Marquesas   Jun 2, 2012

The world around me so loud
From the roar of revolution
To the victims desperate cries and pleas
Sounds of death and destruction
The chatter of the capitalist machine
And lies of the government sworn to protect
The truths of the hurt and unseen
Slanderous words of different religions and sects
Worst of all, the inaudible sound of the righteous and proud
The ones who have been gagged with the ashes of the dead
Corrupt and lost in the malicious crowd
I just want silence
To be alone


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  • 5 years ago

    by Kate

    This is tragic but so beautifully crafted. The way you simplify the components of the war without giving a description too in depth is amazing.

    My favorite line: "the ones who have been gagged with the ashes of death"