You have never left...

by Matthew Schut   Jun 8, 2012

With the wind gently blowing on my face,
my heart begins to whisper your name.
It has been over two years since we last spoke;
I still wish we would have never drifted apart.

If I had just five more minutes of us together,
I would grab you and hold you so close,
tell you how naturally beautiful you are,
and all the little things that I love the most.

I would stare you in the eyes and let our souls embrace,
as mine would whisper my deepest feelings to yours,
then I would tell you how your eyes light up my life,
and how our love will continue to grow more.

For the remainder of my time, I would hold you,
running my fingers through your amazing hair,
kissing you softly on your cheek then forehead,
and let our hearts once again be a pair.

There is one thing I wouldn't be able to do,
I would not be able to say goodbye,
so I would have to let you walk away,
as tears would fall from my eyes.

How can I say goodbye to a girl that will never leave me,
you will always be the biggest part of me,
so I will not lie and say "goodbye"
in my heart is where you belong to be...


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