I Miss You, Daddy

by Chloe DeWitt   Jun 11, 2012

Dear Daddy,
I miss the way you used to hold me.
We used to be the best of friends,
Now we don't even communicate.
You broke me, daddy.
I no longer have a man in my life to guide me,
to help me change my bad ways,
to change my bad habits,
to play football in the backyard with me,
to chase away all the bad guys...
I've had my heart broken so many times,
its unbearable.
you used to call me everynight, and you'd tell me,
"Don't worry princess, the meetings are helping me..i'll be home very soon to hold my baby in my arms again"
I used to believe that...then you fell in love with that bottle again.
your lying eyes I can no longer trust,
your outstretched arms, broken now.
your lips quiver to the smell of alcohol,
and your body aches from all the pain of your fall.
I need to get away from this life
I need to spread my wings and fly.
but I Miss You, Daddy.
I fall back upon these habits,
I hate myself everyday because of you
I need to get away,
I need to die...
I hate you, daddy,
So i'll send this one last picture to your cell,
to remind you of the pain you caused me, my own living hell.
And I don't want to die alone without you here,
So i'll stay put, but I need to let you know.
I Miss You, Daddy.
Until the end of time, I will continue to kill myself every single day
only because of you daddy, please,
come die ,
down here beside me...


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  • 5 years ago

    by KRYSTAL B

    This is really good i like it :)