War doesn't end

by Marquesas   Jun 25, 2012

I open my eyes and find myself staring at the skies
It's darkened by clouds, tinted crimson
Looking to my left and right I see the dead
I carefully get to my feet, body aching
I look over the battlefield, now an open tomb
I walk the sea of blood, the smell violating my nose
I stop suddenly, seeing a familiar face staring up at me
A young man who was with me when this conflict started
He was bright, kind, he had a beautiful wife and children
Why him? Why now? I would have gladly traded fates
No one is waiting for me, no family or friends
A soldier in a war with no victors
Because the war never ends
I close his eyes and say a prayer
I stand and open my eyes to another wave of enemies
Fear, anger, hatred not in my mind
Just an acceptance of my fate
And sympathy to those who lost and have lost
I pick up the unfortunate young man's weapon
I walk toward my opponents feel sorry for them as well
War, blood, hate, animosity, all insignificant in the long run
I am ready to meet my fate
Are you?


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  • 5 years ago

    by Kate

    I don't know what it is but the way "tinted crimson" sounds is awesome.

    Well, I love war poems. Simple as that. And it is a war poem with a rhetorical question. Those are my favorites.

    "A soldier in a war with no victors
    Because the war never ends"
    I love this part so much. It's so true and sets a deeper saddening tone to the piece.