The Tempest: Fury

by Marquesas   Jul 30, 2012

I stare into her eyes
They chill me to the bone
Rain falls from the sky
It doesn't help my shaking body
She screams and shouts at me
Her voice drowning out the wind
I am afraid and mortified
But my fear turns to anger
I fight back, yelling right back
As we clash, the tempest watches us
Wondering what will happen next
As it's eye sits right over us
Finally, we calm down tears in our eyes
The storm follows suit, relenting in its fury
Now just a quiet, apologetic rain
For a while we just stand and stare at each other
I turn and walk away
She calls my name, I don't stop
She calls it again, I keep going
The third time, she sounds panicked
I keep going, one foot after another
I can't tell whether it's the rain or if she is crying
It doesn't matter, the damage is done
Time to pick up the pieces


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  • 5 years ago

    by Kate

    This is tragic... yet so beautiful and inspirational. I mean, I am emotional right now so my stuff is all weird and jumbled but you clearly paint a beautiful picture of what you are observing.
    The struggle of the emotion in this piece is subtle yet utterly heartbreaking. The screaming and yelling turning into tears. You're fighting with care still in the heart and that is just.... so hard to deal with.
    Then you walking away... she obviously put you through some kind of pain and knowing you are better of without her even though you care is.... amazing.

    Thank you for writing this. 5/5