Crimes Committed During Slumber: Chapter Two

by Marquesas   Aug 2, 2012

A shadow creeping through my home
Silhoutte of a familiar woman
She slinks around seeking something
Finding me still asleep in my bed she approaches me
Crawling on the bed slowly, she mounts me
My eyes shut tight, she caresses my face
Her delicate fingers stop over my heart
They stay there for a moment
Observing the rhythm
Suddenly she digs in my chest
Blood pours out from where she entered
And pulls out my still beating heart
My eyes open slowly
Almost as if glued shut
I stare at the ceiling for a moment
The dream I was pulled from still fresh in my mind
I make my way to the kitchen
The tea freshly made does little to ease the cold feeling I hold inside
Sitting on the table, I reach over to a picture flipped on it's side
Setting it up right, I see myself smiling alongside the lovely thief of my dreams


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  • 5 years ago

    by Kate

    Uhm.... speechless. 500000000/5