The Hardest Goodbye

by Baby Rainbow   Aug 5, 2012

I remember that day so vividly
when you first opened your eyes.
Your velvet fur so soft and dark,
your nose so small and shiny.
I knew you were the dog for me
you carried that special spark.
Innocence shining through your eyes,
requesting nothing but my love.
From the day I brought you home
you created such delight.
Everyone just adored your nature
and your calming, loving vibe.
The kids would chase you in the park,
sending you to fetch your ball.
To see the joy you gave to them
lifted my spirits high.
We had so many adventures
through woods, the hills, the fields.
Creating lasting memories
I would cherish forever more.
As I watched you grow from that young pup
into the charming dog you are today.
My heart fills up with endless pride
to have raised such a precious soul.

The tears stream down my rosy cheeks
as the reality sinks back in
Your tail has lost its wagginess,
your eyes have lost their sight.
You cannot hear me call your name
and your legs are too weak to walk.
Oh, how old you have become,
your body has aged so fast.
Your coat no longer velvet soft
and your voice no longer barks.
It feels like only yesterday
I watched you chase those birds.
I watched you splash in puddles
I watched you spring through grass.
Your ears now soaking from my tears
as I nuzzle into your face.
Your gentleness and loyalty
has stayed right through your years.
I lift your paw into my hand
and gaze into your tired eyes.
I know what you are telling me;
you are telling me its time.
My heart is breaking painfully
because I know you're right.
I sing to you a lullaby
as the vet prepares your jag.
I promise you it will not hurt,
you will not feel a thing.
I whisper quietly in your ear
the last words I'll say to you:

" You have given me more than you could know
I am thankful for our years together.
It's time to sleep boy, close your eyes,
I'll stroke your tummy one final time.
Go boy, run, cross over that bridge,
the rainbow bridge of freedom.
On the other side you will be free,
It's ok boy, you can leave me.
I will always remember the sparkle in your eyes,
the softness of your fur
and your tail that always wagged.
I promise you I will never forget
the love you gave to me.
So close your eyes boy, it's time to go
and across that bridge I'll watch you go.
I will love you always and miss you deeply.
But you will never truly be gone.
your paw prints live inside my heart
and through me you'll live on.
Goodnight old boy, sweet dreams to you
Thank you for everything you pulled me through.
You are the greatest friend I ever knew.
And always remember I love you. "




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Latest Comments

  • 5 years ago

    by BabyTree

    This made me cry, it reminds me so much of my current dog Luch. He is my baby and my life and to lose him I would die. Very touching and very heart felt. It was very good

  • 5 years ago

    by Xanthe

    I remember this from the club challenge, Saffie. Well, how could one forget such a poignant and heart-wreching piece? Great job. :)

    I, too, thought that the length of this piece is perfect. I've had different pets growing up, I've watched them grow and slowly slip away from me so this poem saddens me even more. And I'm sure a lot of people would be able to relate with this poem.
    I love how you added depth to this by adding more about how your dog was growing up, your bond/relationship with him, not just the "goodbye" part, but you showed us readers why it was the "hardest" one.
    You just take the reader to a really happy-tragic story without ever making this boring (at least to me).
    If I have any critique, it would be to add more 'physical' aspects. I would love to know what breed your dog was, his color, his eyes, tail..

    Still, this is an excellent piece. I'm sorry it takes a while for me to comment on your poems but do know I always read and love your work.
    Keep writing.

  • Oh my. I can certainly relate to this piece.

    A pet, especially a dog, gives us so much joy and many memories throughout its life. It gives us genuine love, and when that frightful day comes for our beloved pet to be put to rest - well it's one of the hardest things in our lives - and as you stated, the hardest goodbye.

    Stanza one;
    I love how you began this poem whilst your dog was still alive. Readers are given a snippet of the joy that you had in those days you shared with your dog. It also gives some explanation as to why you loved him so, what you used to do together and what he was like whilst he was young, which ultimately follows onto the next stanza.

    Stanza two;
    You painted the image of your old dog perfectly - explaining the changes made since he was young to now whilst he is old.
    You have successfully managed to have these two stanzas flow flawlessly.

    'I know what you are telling me;
    you are telling me its time.'

    Those two lines just made my emotions shatter! They are so simple, yet so painful - they hold so much power.

    Stanza three;
    I like this ending. It shows that even though you are upset you will stay strong, say goodbye and will always remember this pal of yours. It's a nice send off to your dog and to the poem itself.

    This had me in tears.
    It's been five years since my dog was put to rest - he was eleven at the time, slightly deaf, and riddled with Cancer.
    I remember, the day he was to go to the vet for his check-up I never even imagined I would never see him again. I was running late for school so ran off without even giving him a pet that morning unfortunately, and when I got the news that afternoon, I was devastated.
    It's been five years now, and I still get upset thinking about him; both because of the joy that he once brought to my life and because he is gone now. But I will remember him.

    It's strange how an animal can sometimes make more impact on our lives than a human ever could. I think its because of that simplicity in friendship that can never be achieved with anyone but a pet.

    This poem was really well set out. It was long, but it holds the reader to the end. I think mainly because it stretches from the time you got your puppy to the time he died, and you said goodbye to him as he crossed from our world to the next.

    Surprisingly, it flowed really smoothly throughout the whole piece, thereby keeping a steady pace.

    Your use of imagery is great - scenes/ siuations were well described throughout.

    My only critique would be:
    The last stanza; it was perhaps a little too dragged out. But these are your thoughts/memories written down, so it can be as long as it wants.

    An excellent piece, that I am sure many can relate to. 5/5

  • 5 years ago

    by Dagmar Wilson

    This brought tears to my eyes, reminding
    me of my best friend "Chewy"

  • 5 years ago

    by Hannah Lizette

    I cried reading this. It brought back memories of losing a couple of my pets...they are just like family to you and it is just as hard to lose them as it is a person.

    I think the length is perfect, because you are right... it cannot be shortened and have that much emotion... you need to have those details to be able to capture the reader, so they can feel your pain. Sometimes we have pets that are with us for years... I had a dog that I grew up with..brought her home the same day that I was born and had her until I was 15, broke my heart to lose her. You just can't shorten that kind of love, memories, or like I said, the length is perfect.

    You done a fantastic job, Saffie. It touched my heart and I will be adding this to my favorites!