by EmilyAnn   Sep 7, 2012

I know you're just my friend and all,
But I'm feeling you a little more then that.
Feelings are getting even more stronger,
Dunno if you like me back?

You can open up to me,
Let me know whats good.
Cause' I'd make you mine boo,
In a heart beat if I could.

Make you feel like your ontop of the world,
I'd always hold you down boo.
(Ride or die)
Always be by your side,
Stay faithful, stay true.

You know I'll always be there,
Cause I have from the start.
Through the ups and the downs,
Nothing has ever tore us apart.

Since day one.... I just new,
You would be the one for me.
I don't if the feeling is matual,
I wish there was a sign I could see.

Let me know your feelings,
Even if it's not what I want to hear.
I want you to open up to me,
And make everything clear.

Just know I'll always be here,
No matter what you say.
I may not like what I hear,
But I'll feel the same either way.


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