This Guy I Love

by xXxBaByDeMoNxXx   Sep 24, 2012

This guy i love him but forever have i lost him
not realizing this thing called sin
not realizing the true love within
my life starting to slim

i cried everynight and ive lost all hope
i lie around screaming, bleeding
death around me screatching
holding the thing called rope

to take my life tonight would be to easy
for i am immortal i can not die
i try and try for all i do is cry
im called a whole book of things especially easy

when i do not sleep around nor be a s***
i keep to myself and drown myself in fear
that poison water called b**r
it makes me shout and scream and make a very deep cut

across my wrist and across the vain
the only thing i want is our blood to run together
my hopes becoming like a feather
but our love has become inhumaine

for now i leave i wish you well
for i am gone no longer giving you h***


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  • 5 years ago

    by Silent Scribbler

    Very nice, but very sad. Second stanza stands out to me most. Show the true hurt of it, and how the options of escape are loud and clear. Beautifully sad. 5/5

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