Knight In Shining Armor

by Jessica   Oct 25, 2012

You were there
My knight in shining armor
And even though you didn't know it
I always saw it

You stood up for me
When no one else did
You made me smile
When no one else could

You could even make me
Laugh even when I didn't
And you could make me talk
Even when I wouldn't

You always knew what to say
And you would say it even if I didn't want to hear it
You saw me, the real me
And when others ran you stood your ground

You gave the best advice
And even better hugs
And when I need you
You were always there

But not anymore

When I need you now
Your no where to be found
And when I need a hug
Well its not the same

You no longer stand your ground
And you can no longer see me
I will never hear your voice again
Or have that sweet advice

I'll never talk to another
Like I did you
And while I laugh
Its not the same

I stand up for myself now
You wish you stood with me
And I smile but sometimes
It seems forced

Your no longer there
My knight in shining armor
You disappeared forever
When I needed you to stay.


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