Heavenly Parents

by Randy East   Oct 26, 2012

Have you... ever pondered,
about Jesus and His life.
Did the Father create His soul,
on the inside of a Wife?

And not just Jesus, but all our souls
Before the union of this state.
When all were just as spirit,
In the origins of fate.

If in His image we were born,
and in His image we must die.
Would it not be the same for God
when it comes to creating life?

Were spirits conceived inside a womb?
Inside Great Mothers Grace?
Christs beginning ...pure existence, light,
I wonder... what defines this place?

Yes, the beginning of beginnings,
the first moment things were brought.
When light erupted perfectly forth,
and darkness comprehended not.

Was it in the womb of His Mothers form,
this place, His existence first resided?
Where the creation of His matter came,
After His Parents matter collided?

When did His parents meet then?
Was it the first moment there was thought?
Unless they are eternal
As "is" was never "not".

And so, I reflect upon the Book,
In the Bible, where Genesis did start.
God found a Spirit in "the deep"
as a completely different part.
(Genesis 1:2)

A part that was of Spirit,
as if looking back at him.
Like looking through the Veil of water,
at an essence that's within.

Was it a spirit He could talk with?
The only one with whom He could be.
The soul mate to His essence,
a perfect inversion of what is He.

like Eve who came from Adam,
plucked from within his form.
So to was Heavenly Fathers Wife,
from within Him, She was born.

Both He and Her, a pureness,
together infinitely "One in Same".
But in the plan of "existing" matter,
became separate in one name.

To infinitely love each other,
And actually live their dream.
Through perfect faith, created they,
everything that can be seen.

Together as this duo,
they just needed to be found.
So in wisdom, beget a paradise,
that was perfect all around.

They put themselves within a place,
as perfect as they too.
all made from the essence of infinity
with color given hue.

Where, beyond exists their infinite spheres,
that is - the concept of Their cause.
But before them, became a paradise,
With the simplest of laws.

The law was hence, that They themselves,
and their world around.
would be relative and perfect,
could grow.. or shrink... like sound.

Thus They lived in paradise,
a visual jubilee.,
when the beauty of each others love
was aching to be free.

Their perfections then united,
In love like we on earth,
their infinite spheres collided,
and came the miracle of birth.

They pierced each other in their love
committing to be one,
combined their spheres of purest cause,
and created the perfect Son.

And so the essence of Eternal God,
erupted in Her night,
And the space that her intelligence gave
Erupted then with light.

Two perfect forms of existence
or simply the spheres that is their cause,
where inversion met true infinite "IS"
and light burst into OZ.

Conceived alas... the Begotten Son,
from Her sphere, and our Great Lord.
The essence of the two... Came matter,
And Jesus Christ was born.

God knew that only through this act,
Pure matter(existence) could be brought.
To combine His Spirit with that of the deep,
was a pure ingenious thought.

The Amazing birth of His Begotten Son,
was the first miracle of matter.
So with his Wife, He created life,
and infinite souls came latter.

But the very first in matter,
is more important than most think!
for any matter to endure forever,
a "Pureness" it MUST BE.

Thus, the first was born, of our great God,
His only begotten son,
Who volunteered to purify,
so that we could all be one.

Becoming "one" ...it's imperative!
As "oneness" is linked to pure.
and existence simply wouldn't be,
if it could not endure.

No decay, no array,
a pureness it MUST be!
for if it wasn't... life wouldn't last,

for all Eternity!


God knew... this Light created,
wasn't just His first Begotten Son.
But a perfect version of Himself in matter.
for in truth are things are one.

But the intelligence of Himself in matter,
is separate from whence it came.
Thus entities of two different forms,
yet both existing in one name.

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(see my poem "Our Universe Awoke")


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Latest Comments

  • 5 years ago

    by Burning Angel

    This is a really good poem, in a way, it suffaced alot of questions about God, because i believe every one has problems every once in a while in knowing what is to be believed. I love this poem though. it is really good.!

  • 5 years ago

    by Amreen

    Nice one:)
    A very creative thought on here!!
    Keep writing^^

  • 5 years ago

    by Chelsey

    This is incredibly interesting..I have thought of poetically writing a bible story soon, but you've done more, you've made us question something that isn't in the scripture..does God have a mate?...I don't believe so...He is perfect, where we are not..where we feel we need someone to complete us, a companion, He does not...now the meaning of soulmate doesn't always have to mean a wife (girlfriend) or husband (boyfriend), so the virgin Mary very well good me his soulmate ...this we will never know til we enter heaven yes?....

    I enjoyed this piece...Id put your authors notes at the end of the poem though not between stanzas :)

    Glad to read something new from you!

  • 5 years ago

    by L

    I'm catholic...

    And based on your previous poem, I thought that perhaps indeed God has a partner. And that God's soul mate is Virgin Mary in the sense that perhaps she was born into a human just so that she could give birth to Jesus Christ. Hence, the reason why her body was never found. She went to heaven conserving her body.

    I mean after all Virgin Mary was the chosen one, she was chosen for a reason. Because she is the purest of all woman, the perfect woman. Not any woman could give birth to Jesus christ. It had to be from the one and only. His soul-mate. One in the same.

    Good thoughts.

    • 5 years ago

      by Randy East

      I think that makes good sence. Thx for the comment.

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