What happened...

by Matthew Schut   Nov 9, 2012

I remember when you used to be happy
Talking about me to all your friends
You would tell me daily I was the one
And our love would never end

I remember when you used to get butterflies
And you would always have a smile on your face
You would text me all day long
And in your heart, I filled every empty space

I remember you would always giggle
And you would reach for my hand
I remember the sparkle in your eyes
Because I was your one and only man

I remember when we stayed awake all night
Telling each other our deepest fears
I remember we promised each other forever
And all the memories we would have throughout the years

I remember when you did cute things for me
And you would tell me, Matt I love you
I remember how you told me I was the one
And you couldn't wait for the day that we said "I do"

I remember the honeymoon stage together
And all the sweet things we would say
I still love you with all of my heart
But it seems that your feelings have faded away...


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