A distant soul connected with another distant soul

by A piece of my broken heart is embedded in you forever   Jan 23, 2013

A distant soul connected with another distant soul
So far apart yet the sadness and pain connected them in an unbreakable bond
And they slowly became one, a connection which neither could shun,
She heard his screaming echoes when the whole world turned deaf,
And he thought she must be the one god had blessed,
She rescued him from the lethal darkness of this cruel world,
To him she was god sent,
The one who sheltered him from the burning flames of life,
She was the one who showed him the truth and light,
And became his habit, his routine, his part of life,
Never had they heard each other's voice,
But then there are times when word speaks louder than the loudest ocean of life
But slowly and surely they drifted apart,
Perhaps it was the cruel waves of life that torn them apart,
Lost again in the storm of darkness from where once he was rescued,
She was the who he always turned to dry his tears,
To share his sorrows, just someone he trusts,
Tired from walking this path of life,
it's like dragging the burden of sins on a cold desert night,
Missing somebody like this, helpless with a sad plight,
desperate to have that connection again, even if it meant turning away from this materialistic life,
Clueless and blinded by this deep sadness,
He wonders what is it that keeps her away,
why does this life has to be so cruel?
And why is it that only those who are temporary, make permanent home in your heart?
He promised himself never would he beg for anything and never would he bow,
Although brought down to his knees. He refuses to submit defeat,
And although I might be called pride or arrogance in others eyes,
To him this is his self respect the only thing he has left.
It maybe the time to finally say good bye,
To him she is still the precious one,
Until his soul shall die.....


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  • 5 years ago

    by CathyButterflyJC

    I think this poem was written extremely beautifully, it has meaning yelling out in every word and heart strings twisting in every line, I especially like
    "So far apart yet the sadness and pain connected them in an unbreakable bond" GREAT POEM