Forever Never More

by Extinct Angel   Feb 7, 2013

I can always fill my vise
With a razor blade slice
Watch the blood flowing
Eyes dimming no long glowing

Seeing dark places
And feeling misplaced hatred
I'm not OK can't you see
But you don't love me

Always thinking of me and you
To bad that's not true
We'll never be
You couldn't even stand me

Now I'm back to slitting my wrist
It's all because I'll never get a kiss
From you my only love
I used to hold you way above

All the other to see
That you were meant for me
I used to say this all before
But now forever never more


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  • 5 years ago

    by Andrea broken tears

    Nice poem you have a way with words, hope its not ture thoug

    love always

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