by anonymous   Feb 7, 2013

How can someone be so Close to one another and It's like there is nothing there...
One feels strong towards another and the other feels different...
the other feels like she gone leave me she gone hurt me... She going to backstab me... she going to do me just like someone else did me...
But then they don't look at the toll it takes on the spouse...
That they have to sit and take all the BS that someone else left on they heart and take all the bashes and stabs while the person that should be paying for the mess they made walks freely... that's crazy.. but then Look at me.. I was abused sexually and I bring this upon her... This a messed up world.. fr.


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  • 5 years ago

    by Marvellous

    Knowledge of the Truth, sets you free. Within every scar, healing dwells.

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