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about me:
~ i am real cool and goofy..
i love to have fun
listen to music, sing , dance, and read and write poems.. i am a lesbian, i love helpings others also.. so if you need any advice feel free to write me :)
its my mission in life to help everyone in as many ways that i possible can and thats all i can say about myself :) till next time..

~what does life have in store for us now

*****~ R.I.P uncle **** <|3


Word of advice to all "experiencing love"
its actually a verse in the bible..
~do not awaken love before time is called~
it means wait until you are fully ready to experience love and not just say you love someone just to say it or want to be in love because everyone else is doing it~peer pressure~ or because you want to be loved. truly mean it and also you will know when the time is right.. you will feel it and know when it is real.. spare the broken hearts meaning yours and hurting someone else and dont just walk around hurting folk because you been hurt thats wrong.. love because you mean it say it because you mean it never walk around collecting a jar of hearts..
~do not awaken love before time is called~

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  • Train your heart not your mind

    9 years ago
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  • Never give your heart to just anyone because they all dont deserve it... know your self worth.. so you dont ever give up to much

    10 years ago
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  • Old folks are not fools only young because the young never live to see the day of the old..

    meaning those who are foolish young die early due to their wrong decisions..

    live life to the fullest but properly

    11 years ago
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