Insecurity's Tipp-Ex

by Baby Rainbow   Feb 18, 2013

Can you hear my pen
as it scribbles your name
and then crosses it out
of my heart?

The same routine
of the insecure
when it's faced
with a slight belief.

Can you hear my heart
as it bleeds again
because it knows
it can never win?

As soon as your love
circles through its veins
it must exit through
the way it came.

And can you hear my sighs
as they release the breath of hope,
that once again I fell for
when I stumbled on your love?

A love I tried so hard to keep
and hold tight inside my heart.
But alas, my insecurity awakes,
putting Tipp-Ex over your name.




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  • 5 years ago

    by Dagmar Wilson

    Insecurities, self-doubt in so many areas, I have delt with it most of my life. Thinking negative instead having a positive attitude
    certainly did not make my heart win.
    You did an amazing job with this write