by Lauren Crandall   Mar 31, 2013

Like peering through the lens glossed over with tears,
Rusted, metal, corroded, but unstoppable gears
Watch the tattered origami canary unfold before me.
No rock-a-by baby needed to sleep.

Wings torn off like the clothes on the floor
Scattered remnants of what should've been
Vacant, soulless eyes fearful of what's to come
Bile suppressed with every gasping breath

Chants of demonic proportion
"You're beautiful" "I love you"
Never be genuine, never honest or true

Piercing claws, a hammer of disgust
Cannibalism in highest disgrace
Desperation for a savior, unwanted lust
Tsumanis rush across a hidden face

Muffled cries
broken heart
muddled body
lost soul

woven blanket of friendship torn apart
threads dissipate in the sweated sheets
the apeman feasts
the monster is released

futile escape
lifeless thrice
saving grace

replaying track
hatred on repeat
leeches nondetachable
problem undetectable

nevermind... it was nothing.


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