Cease Fire

by Daylight Lucidity   May 7, 2013

I perch on the soft leather couch in the foreign room
My head in my hands, my heart thrumming like the wings of a hummingbird,
Mascara streaking my porcelain cheeks a beautiful deep violet, like a shadowed lilac in bloom,
And a nervous knot in my stomach stabs like a jeweled sword
While thoughts slice through my mind as if the fastest bullets
From love's magnum and I beg helplessly for it to cease fire
That scream, "is she worth it?"
And their persistence I reluctantly admire.
I stand, my dress billowing as I swiftly make my way to the mahogany doors
Where my father awaits me, his arm raised to receive my own
I take him by the arm, my veil covering the streaks with ease, though they still pour,
And enter the room filled with family and friends; they stare dumbfounded at my gown
For it is untraditionally red like a rose.
The music begins to play from the harpist in the corner
I panic though numerous times I've gone over the cons and pros;
I glance at my father; his eyes are teary at the thought of giving away his only daughter.
My eyes drift to the girl at the altar, I grin in delight as I realize my worries were silly
But then my eyes adjust in the different light; the girl I smiled at was not the one I wish to marry
But rather my maid of honor, I cannot find my wife-to-be
My heart drops as I think that she, like everyone else, left me alone and frightened with anger flaring.
My mind soon caught up with my sights, I realize that they never smiled only sobbed
As I walked down the godforsaken aisle
And as the priest approached me, his head hung slightly, my heart painfully throbbed
As he told me what had become of my beloved after life's trial.
"Ma'am, she's not coming... she's been shot"
He whispered in my ear as I trembled harder with each word
And immediately to my knees I dropped
As sobs continuously, mercilessly, wracked my shoulders.
My veil dropped from my hair and floated to the floor
As I jumped up and ran as fast as I was able on my heels
And ran through the haunting mahogany doors
Searching for a sign, begging to know if this was real.
Into the street I ran and tripped on my dress of red
And fell into a puddle of tears and bloody red cloth
I screamed into the fading blue sky
That she was the only one I could love,
And asked why for this special day,
The world's horror could not just cease fire.


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Latest Comments

  • 4 years ago

    by ThebutterfliesMuse

    This truly is an amazing peice of work. Wowww. The imagery is out of this world by far. Every line is detailed to the fullest extent I feel. My heart is thumping the wings of a humming bird wow. That is great imagery. I can imagine you in this whole area and you are nervous and your heart fluttering so fast and you can barely breathe at all. Is she worth it?

    Who really knows until they take the plunge into marriage I know we are all scared but I think it is worth it if you are actually marrying her!

    I love yhe way this plays out. The story behind it is so great and heartfelt in yhe sad way of course. Again after you been told she is shot I can imagine everything. You falling to your knees and crying with makeup running down your face. And you running out of the place almost like she left you at the alter.

    I think there are two main parts to this though. The beginning which is the set up to the downfall. And the downfall when she gets told. Its kinda like there are two stories being told here. You did an amazing job all around. 5/5

  • 5 years ago

    by WintersAngel