by anonymous   May 10, 2013

Was chilling with the bestie..
Something tragic just occurred in her life..
she say she never looked into the sky so often utill now..
But I been looking into the sky for so long..
What that say about me..
The pain and hurt I feel been here for so long
it's just like nothing new anymore.
I wake up thinking I have someone special
someone I could possibly spend My life with..
As time continues on it's like My life began to wrap around hers as we became whole..
But now it seems like we're not even happy..
The time we spend more and more is the time I sit and wonder how we get here.
She say the most damndest things like we not made for each other
Or we not on the same level.
It's different..
Then she flip and say I don't trust you or you not here for me.
What's My purpose of being here with her then if she doesn't see firstly what I'm worth
secondly what all I have given to her.
She say she not in love with me..
So I'll continue to hold her..
And feel everything that she will never feel.
love her in millions of ways she'll never love me
Care for her in many ways she can't care for me.
And be there for her in ways unthinkable.
And then I'll lie hurt..
Because she'll walk away and be fine..
Because she never felt a thing..
That I've been feeling and feel towards her.....


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