by Jazzaroolich   May 17, 2013

Do you know the feeling of drowning?
No, I'm not talking physically drowning in water.
To drown in your thoughts, not being able to breathe because of them.
It's a terrible feeling really.
It consumes the life you once lived and takes it away from you.
You're stuck feeling like there's something in your lungs but really, there's nothing.
I'm drowning 24/7, my thoughts surround me with grief and pain.
So much suffering's involved, that's why it's so hard to get out.
It cripples you until you finally give up.
Yet it's also so beautiful, because of the end outcome.
After slowly fading into the background you disappear.
The pain leaves and drifts away.
You don't feel anything anymore, not the numbness you had, but the weight lifted off your shoulders.
Finally, you're at peace from your thoughts.
The catch- you're gone.


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