Dark romanticism.

by TragicChaos   May 27, 2013

My foot steps echo through these hallowed, lifeless
empty halls.
Haunted visions morbid and full of mystery flash before
my eyes.
Deep in these catacombs my voice has been stolen
and only the demons hear my calls.
Grotesque shadows dance their deadly waltz around
a boquet of black roses.
I see the grim reaper with his scythe in hand beckoning
me to explore further.
I look behind me to see a door but as quickly as I look
it closes.
A whisper caresses my ear "Deeper with in these walls am I, the one in which you seek."
My feet moving of their own accord, under the spell of the one whose voice is seductivly eloquent.
Closer and closer gets the heart of this place and soon its Master I will finally meet.
A door stands before me terror touches my soul but only for a split seond.
Curiosity takes its place, intriqued by who or what it is that lies beyond this final barrier.
Without my touch the door opens on its own, and before me stands a beautiful man whose eyes lure me in silently they beckon.
Once upon him he reaches out grasp my arm gently, wrapping me up
in his datk embrace.
His voice again caresses my ear, touching my soul " My kiss is eternal
creating a bond to stand the test of time."
Ashe draws me closer I feel the sting of his kiss of eternity and in my
thoughts I hear do not be afraid.
He lays me down upon a bed of fresh flowers and runs a cold finger down my paleing cheek.
My Mistress now Ihear him say, For I couldn't go another night not close to you.
But then I sit ip in my warm cozy bed safe and sound, but the oddness of the situation is im angry im now awake.


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  • 5 years ago

    by TheDarkCloudBehindthePoet

    The title goes perfect with the poem. aside for a few grammatical errors i really enjoyed your poem. you painted the picture perfect. it felt as if i was there watching this all happen and couldn't wait :)

    • 5 years ago

      by TragicChaos

      Thank you. I am glad the you enjoyed the poem. It was alot of fun to write, and has become one of my favorites. I will correct the grammar mistakes. Thank you again for the read and the comment :)