Muse of the darkest night.

by TragicChaos   May 27, 2013

Dreams dance elegantly upon the silver
moon beams that tumble over her window
In that moment before the poet wakes the
stars imbue a spark deep in her thoughts.
She wakes ready to write, slender fingers
declicately grip her quill.
She begins to write creatring her next work
of art.
In a trance like state her hand floating across
the parchment effortlessly.
Like a painter her words draw a picture and if
you look closely you will catch a fleeting glimpse
of her heart.
She stops but a moment to give a satisfied
The story she tells comes to life with every
word she writes.
She knows that this peice will be done in just
a little while.
She tells of fairies, dragons, and of heroic
warriors might.
Finally it is complete and her blue eyes look
over it with pride.
And she sends up a silent thank you to the
muse of the darkest night.


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