I wonder why.

by TragicChaos   May 28, 2013

As I have grown older, I try to think of the
reasons she walked away.
But I cant seem to think there is one good
enough, I cant seem to understand.
She wasnt there to take me shopping,
never there for even one birthday.
I used to feel it was because of me, that
some how I was the reason why.
Ive realized that was not it, I was just a
baby so that couldnt be it.
But I often wonder did it hurt her, Did
she even stop to cry?
I wonder if she has thought of me, I
wonder if she thinks of what I have
Does she often wonder if things could
have been different, If she seen me
today would she know who I am?
I wonder if she see's things could have
been different, Maybe over the years
she has gained a bit of wisdom.
I wonder if she kept a photo, If she picks
it up every now and again.
I wonder if it makes her smile, If it makes
her wish she would have stayed.
She could have wrote a letter, was is so
hard to just pick up a pen?
Twenty seven years thats way to long,
to leave a daughter with not one
Obviously not caring about how she will
feel, or the questions with no answers.
The pain of seeing girls with their mothers,
and words from family not knowing if they
are true.
All I ever wanted was to see her just once,
to ask her to tell me her side.
I know Ill never know, the questions will
be without answers.
I may never know her thoughts, nor the
reason she never tried.


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Latest Comments

  • 5 years ago

    by Burning Angel

    This poem really got to me. My mom left me when i was two, and I still have unanswered questions that i am unable to ask her. I feel like i really connected with this poem and it was alittle hard to read. I actually found myself tearing up while trying to finish it.

    • 5 years ago

      by TragicChaos

      Thank you so much. Mine walked at 2 months old. It was written when I was 27, and it took me that long to be able to face those emotins and write about it.