Love, in Celebrity and Excess

by silvershoes   Aug 12, 2013

We had too much class for Marquee on Vegas Boulevard
where gray pigeons from the street, painted white,
were sold for paper gold as morning doves
and lies filled in the scars with stars for those fast fools
drunk on avant-garde, stinking of threesomes played at
"first" resurrections of billiard.

We fell into sobriety before rock-bottom took us there
in rolling hills of Bel Air, where dry spells of early winter
set tones of our affair; you were a splinter in my paw
and I was your suicide blonde bourgeois worth more
than the last printer on August 5th, per laissez-faire,
in 1962's New York Times Square.

We were a game for two; Gatsby and the wilted flower,
not up for literary review, nor lit by an emerald hue
in the darkness where your eyes might scour,
stretched across a million dollar view at some odd hour-
no, our sweet fondue was a tasteless medley of dejavu,
for you loved me, true, but I, not you.


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Latest Comments

  • 5 years ago

    by Jordan

    Holy good GOD this is fantastic.

    I'll come back and dissect it later.

  • 5 years ago

    by L

    This type of style is not exactly what I am used to reading, so I'm not sure how to comment.

    But I don't think you lost "it," rather you still got "it"

    I mean this piece is filled with imagery and at the same it takes me into some type of journey...

    The first stanza, that one just popped out to me. Though, I 'm unsure as what this line may mean : and lies filled in the scars with stars for those fast fools" I guess I sort have an idea but I can't quiet put it into words.

    Overall, it captures my attention. I think I get the main part of the poem, specially because of the ending and the title, but I'll hold back in my comment until I'm sure of what I want to say or I fear my imagination will start kicking in and I may go totally off.