by UtterlyAlive   Sep 2, 2013

People think they know me
But there's more to what they see.
I'm a lost soul in a broken world
Longing to be free

Some say they know the feeling
That the wound will soon start healing
But then will be left a fragile scar
A memory never leaving

My world had been dropped and broken
And now I stand, with words unspoken
Enclosed by the dark
In a place most have forgotten

here I'm free to cry
To fall on my knees and ask God why
But I already know the answer
I know why you had to die

It's so easy to overlook your pain
And I find it hard to refrain
From all the anger dwelling within me
For I care only of my own gain

My hurt, my sorrow, my sadness
I know I'm being selfish
But don't I have the right too?
For its you I miss

The police, the sirens, the hospitals too
Everything reminds me of you
When I close my eyes you're all I see
And the tears i cry are not few

In your picture your happily smiling
Who would have thought that soon you'd be dying
Maybe if we had been warned
We could have saved ourselves from all this crying

But I look up at the stars at night
And think about your life long fight
All the secrets hiding away
And I know that this timing was right

Would you be happy if you were still here?
And as much as I want you near
I know your happier in heaven
Even though your voice I'd love to hear

And when I try
I can see you in the sky
Singing with the angles
As all around you they fly

Now your what you wanted to be
And now I finally see
That your long lost soul
Is Finally, finally, free


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