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Hey guys. I'm a 17 year old who has been through a lot, worked through a lot. If you look through my poems, they're a couple years old and they tell a sad story. That isn't who I am anymore, and I am here to support anyone who is looking to grow, or who needs a friend. Please PM me and lets talk. No one should be alone.

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  • Maybe if I took off all of my clothes you would...
    I know you pay to watch other people do it...

  • A world enflamed at its highest peak,
    Caressed by sky so grey and bleak...

  • Moonlight kisses the pavement,
    Blood controls the streets...

  • Take away my sky but leave me with the sunset,
    Let me watch as the world rotates...

  • Even though our walk may be ever so cautious,
    We end up in twisted allies that leave us sick and...

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  • Evil, darkness, pain, why is it so captivating?

    5 years ago
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  • Life's only difficult if you don't play by your own rules.

    6 years ago
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  • Sometimes I sit in my closet and cut in the darkness, wishing I was dead.

    6 years ago
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