by Sam Dent   Sep 9, 2013

Tell me, what was it I did so wrong,

for you to make me feel like I shouldn't exist.

Tell me, how could you destroy me,

when I gave you all that I could give.

I loved you with every being in me,

even deeper than my soul,

I gave you every bit of my heart,

but you returned it broken and cold.

I went through hell and back for you,

to be left with nothing but lies.

& all you could do was beat me down,

when you knew I was hurting inside.

Why'd you put me through all this pain,

I thought I was the one you loved.

Why did you not care at all,

Tell me was I not good enough.

Now I'm left with restless nights,

and your smile in my mind.

Its almost like I hear your voice,

in the back of my head at times.

Sometimes this feels as if its a dream,

but i know its time to move on.

So thank you for all the memories,

& the fact that you made me strong.

Just know I always loved you,

But its time I let you go.

I realize now you weren't right for me.

I was just to blind to ever know.

By-Jay Jay
Its been awhile since I've actually put a poem on this website, also outside of it too. I haven't been inspired much to write, after some hard times I've went through in 2 years. Now i feel as though it my only escape to get away from everything. I hope you all enjoy sorry if its a little rusty. but give me some feed back


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