A magical Journy

by TragicChaos   Sep 21, 2013

As I fall into a peacful slumber, I take
a magical journy in my dreams.
A castle stands tall and regal, shilouetted
by the light of the moon.
Fairys dance together beneath the silver
In the distance, barely visable a dragon
takes flight.
As the wind caresses my face, I see the
ethereal beauty that graces this land.
In the stream of purest blue plays a little
There is an elysian peace that comes
over my spirit.
The problems in my life are far away,
and no where to be found.
I can tell that I will not know everything,
for to this land there is a secret.
I know I dont have much more time to
enjoy this wonderous place.
So I run, no longer cemented to the
Allowing myself to be to wrapped in
this dreams gentle embrace.
My journy is coming to an end this I
know, for the tug of reality calls out
my name.
With great trepidation I allow myself
to wake from sleep, a gentle sigh upon
my lips.
My mind still on that magical land, My
soul was still aflame.
Never have I traveld that deep in my sleep,
into the depths of my imagination.
I hope to see that wondorous plane once
again in my dreams.
To explore this world that has come of my
own creation.
A magical journy away from the harsh
realities of the place we reside.
To rid ourselves, if only for a night of the
evil that stains this planet.
Come take a journy with me, Let me be your


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Latest Comments

  • 4 years ago

    by Love Fallacy

    This is something different than I normally used to reading. I really like how you paint such a vivid story within your poems. These poems also follow such a great timeline and don't jump around. They are nice to read and keep the reader interested.

    Nice Job

    • 4 years ago

      by TragicChaos

      Thank you so very much. I am very glad you enjoyed it.