This All Hallows' Eve

by Daylight Lucidity   Oct 5, 2013

Under the silver moon
On this all hallows' eve,
While spirits croon,
My feet shuffle silently.

I wear no costume
Nor mask,
Just my soul now shown,
And blood in a glass.

A lone croak of the raven,
The rogue slither of a snake,
The demons are craving
And dying for a taste.

I walk amongst gravestones,
I dance throughout cemeteries,
Might I hear bones
Clanking from where they are buried?

The ebony sky houses secrets
That only I know,
The ones laced together with magic;
A magic so old and unknown.

Falling stars are mirrored in my eyes
As I place the glass on a tomb,
Tonight I give the spirits my sacrifice,
Here in the bowels of this mausoleum.

Candles are lit, smoke floats around,
My silhouette is hidden
And to the marble floor I am bound;
An escape is strictly forbidden.

Tonight is the night
When the veil between worlds is thinnest,
Tonight I call spirits of light,
To accompany me in celebration.

They come and swirl around me,
My smile grows wide and pure,
To others I am evanescent,
And become the moon's light once more.


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