Equal and Opposite Attractions: The Sun and Moon

by xTheEcstasyOfSuicidex   Oct 20, 2013

My life is made up of seconds.

Of arrivals and departures, of images that often become blurred.

The illusions of the universe draw me in to inspect, and I search on:

I regret writing every word I say of this:

It doesn't matter if I'm too good for you,

Or you're too good for me.

It's about the inevitable pull between two souls, as the energy bounces off one another, creating a paradox.

Something like:

If you just closed your eyes.

Relax, breathe deeply in your nose and out your mouth; can you feel the slow beat of your heart, the calm waves of thought patterns?

Can you feel the pull of energy, adrenaline, running through your body?

Breathe deeply; the sun is out and shining and you need all the energy you can get from it today, before the night settles in.

Your heart's quicken beat; the moon is at rise and the sun is setting - to where?

Does it matter? You see, for every positive there is an equal attraction. The moon rises, taking over for the night, as the sun ever so slightly rests her eyes; she can never sleep, for the energy radiating off her is the energy that holds the universe together.

The moon? He... He is the darkness that fights away the demons of the deep. He is the darkness that rests the sun, letting her rest her feet over the edges of docks to touch the water. He is the sun's darkness, when her head needs to rest.

He, the moon, is her, the sun's gravity; he is always there, wishing her, "Sleep easy, my love," as she retires for the night.

There is no gravity in space; the sun's energy keeps her there, floating in a vast warning of empty, warming space and time. The moon, an opposite attraction of the sun, still emits light given by the sun, yet cannot be bright with the sun out; the moon must be alone to shine.

It is hard to breathe; although the sun pulls, the moon must be alone; a soul drifter that cannot dance with the sun.

Yet, it is particular, for the sun seems to need the moon to relieve her every night; the moon may never admit, but he needs her to, to give him light and to keep him gently rotating around the earth.

You see, the moon and sun, he and she, are the soul mates of this universe. The inevitable pull the sun radiates blindes the moon, if I ever may be so bold.

Yet, the moon grounds the sun, keeping her close at bay, but always in sight.

She [the sun] sighs deeply as He [the moon] crosses over the horizon. She barely gets to see him break through, but every once in a while he rises, just before she retires; she never has to wait, but always tries, for the pull of energy is so strong within her.

And it is because of that energy that the moon drifts away; fights to cross the horizon before she's gone for the night.

Yet, we agreed it was inevitable; us.

And maybe I'm going to far with this,

But because of me, you are exhausted, but because of me, you are there.

And still are.

And always will be.

As will I.

No matter how much I threaten; the sun could never exist without the moon - she would burn out, become far to exhausted.

And then the moon comes,

And let's her rest her head for the night.

It may be too much,

It may never be enough.

Be my moon.

It's not a question; it's a statement, because you already, inevitably, are.

I will always pull you, because you are the opposite attraction of me; the darkness, that fights for the sun while the sun sleeps.

Yet, being in the darkness yourself, you fight; equal and opposite attraction.


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  • 4 years ago

    by Redangelwings

    The metaphors here are really outstanding. I agree with everything you said too. I love how you perceive the sun and the moon. (You) are the sun and this other person is the moon. It seems to me you are saying thatyou didn't think you would ever fall for this person but you are glad you did. I agree the sun would be nothing without the moon and vice versa. Just like real love. If you fall in love with a person you are nothing without them. I like also how you say that they are really connected as one heart or soul. When you have a closeness you do. Even when it's night out the sun is always there in each others heart and life. And when either one of you feels sad they light up each other's life. They both light up the sky already. I loved how youended this as well bbecause you are saying you can't have one without the other. We all fight that darkness and we need to find the light to help us. Great write.