On My Own

by XxxWordsOfWisdomxxX   Nov 10, 2013

Look at these tears,
That you've left in my skin.
You've drawn me anew,
With the blood from your pen.
My shell breaks away,
As I'm left on my own.
If I had only seen,
If I had only known.
I take my first step,
And fall to my knees.
I don't carry enough,
To pay Heavens Fees.
My feet can't find the floor,
I'm left lying in the dirt.
Maybe someday you'll remember,
What it's like to hurt.
I'm the breakable type,
One fall and I'm gone.
No one will stop,
To carry me on.
I take my next step,
And fall to my knees.
Have you any idea,
What it's like to bleed?


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