Anxiety and the Blurred out Barriers

by Kakera   Feb 8, 2014

Originally written in Swedish in 2010.
Translated and rewritten the eighth of February, 2014.

Every image I see is filled with black spots crawling
they consume me, scream at me; they taunt me
it feels like a razor against my lips --
a pitch black kiss of death

The trees decay, and the terror is everywhere
it feels like most of us are growing emotionally numb
against the dread that surrounds us all
I'm tired of breathing in this pollution
industrial growth poisons my thoughts and body
I want to stop tasting this filth

A shroud of mist swallows the world around me,
frost embraces the ground beneath our dirty feet
the freezing silence of autumn
invites me to that house where sadness lives

Every today is like yesterday
All of it has been mixed together,
all the barriers have been lifted
Questions that once were black and white
have been perpetuated in grey

Minutes turn into hours, and hours into days
some days later, a week into the future
everything is the same, everything is like yesterday
the borders between dream and reality
are swiftly being erased

Anxiety is anchored to my chest,
and imbue me with slipping thoughts

Prayers and healing hold no meaning,
now that I'm dreadfully being forced to confront
the fact that all my dreams are ending


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Latest Comments

  • 4 years ago

    by Beautiful Soul

    Here I see sadness and it could be turned into a nightmare you are having everynight but it's reality. When you have been truly hurt any image is bad very bad. All your thoughts turn dark. I loved the wording in this one as well because this character has had a tough life and I can see this based on reality. I loved the razor compared to the kiss of death, pain does feel that way all the time. Emotional pain mostly. It's very difficult for people to understand how another is really feeling. The way you describe it though I think is perfect. You go into honest details here. As I said they could be a nightmare coming true everyday so that's why I loved the minutes turned into hours stanza, Because one day can down spirial a life. The ending is great as well. We never want to face our fears but when we do... it seems impossible. Great write

  • 4 years ago

    by Midnight Sky

    Loved this awesome write here