Serpentine (song with recording)

by Maher   Feb 14, 2014

Somewhere in the midst of time,
where princes roam and castles thrive,
there lived a young girl in an awkward bloom;
she had a father who locked her in a room.
She prayed 'till the day that the sun would shine.
Prince Charming free her from no crime.
And as her tears hit the floor,
they begin to make sense no more
and she said:

forever growing old again.
King of kings, thief of innocence.
Is it time?
Set me free before you lose your mind.
Set me free like once upon a time"

She hears knocking on the door.
She shivers now, she can take no more.
And as she hesitates, it opens wide;
there stands the devil, in disguise.
He takes her by the hand as he drags her away;
her eyes are closed as she hides her face.
He stops as he reaches for forsaken doors,
then she turns and runs,
she runs for shore.

forever growing old again.
you King of kings, thief of innocence".
Now it's time,
but she's never coming back again.
oh, you've lost your mind.
You've lost your mind.
You've lost your mind,
lost your mind,
oh, lost your mind

You'll come to regret this in your life.


You can listen to Serpentine here:

About this song:
This is the first song I ever wrote - I was about 16. I hate it and it kills me to play it but it sounds surreal and fairy tale/medieval-like. It's a true story and the lyrics hide a deep, dark and twisted meaning. Everyone can interpret it in their own way but it's true intent is hidden.


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Latest Comments

  • 2 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Maher - I love this and will head over to youtube in a minute to hear it as it was originally meant.
    I am a big fan of lyrics with thought, simply because we are starved of them in the modern world. Well done - even as a 16 year old, your talent was obvious.


    • 2 years ago

      by Maher

      Thank you Sir, I really appreciate you checking it out and your comment is well above me my friend :)

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