Rachel, You Play, Rapture, Upon, My Soul... (A Sonnet)

by Robert Gardiner   Jan 5, 2015

This is a Poem/Sonnet I composes per the parameters and guideline of "Rhyme Scheme, Rhythm, & Metering Challenge (Exercise)" {http://www.poems-and-quotes.com/discussion/topic.html?topic_id=144028};

Rachel, You Play, Rapture, Upon, My Soul... (A Sonnet)

Rachel. You Play, Rapture, Upon, My Soul.
Exhilarated, I'm Left, Ever So,
Transfixed, By The Ecstasy You Bestow.
Enchanted, You Leave Me, At Your Control.

Your Rhapsody, Beckons Me, Every Fourth.
Your Siren Song, Calls Me, Toward, Your Shore,
In Affinity, I'm Left, Wanting, More.
To You, I'm Drawn, Like A Compass, To North.

Venus, Aphrodite, Both, To You, Fall.
Utterly Spellbound, You Leave, One And All.
Your Charms, Your Magic, Irresistible.

You Leave Me, Enamored, With Such Ardor,
Besot, With Fancy, Every Corridor.
Your Heaven, Splendor, Unequivocal...

Meter: Pentameter
Rhythm: Mixed

Robert Gardiner


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  • 3 years ago

    by GB

    Beautiful poem and rhyme scheme. I see you emphasized on the capitalization so much, which made me read the poem few times to fully grasp each stanza.

    Your effort at the forums is greatly appreciated and your poetry would always be a good source to learn from.