Jennifer, Thou Art, Ecstasy, Sublime... (A Sonnet)

by Robert Gardiner   Jan 11, 2015

This is a Poem/Sonnet I composes per the parameters and guideline of "Rhyme Scheme, Rhythm, & Metering Challenge (Exercise)" {};

Jennifer, Thou Art, Ecstasy, Sublime... (A Sonnet)

Jennifer, Thou Art, Ecstasy, Sublime,
No Paradise Exist, Quite As, Divine.
When In, Your Presence, I Float On, Cloud Nine.
Exhilarated, You Leave Me, Each Time.

Nothing Matches, The Splendor You Bestow.
I'm Left, Intoxicated, By Your Lure,
Fascinated, Transfixed, And Wanting, More,
Entranced, By The Siren Song You Bellow.

In Every Fashion, You Are, A Goddess,
An Enchanting Creature, Of Lure, And Myth,
A Bit, Of Heaven, A Beauty, Flawless.

Venus, Aphrodite, Lack, Your Magic.
Oh, Such Rapture, You Leave Me, Besot With,
Spelled, I Am, Your Rhapsody, Fantastic...

Meter: Pentameter
Rhythm: Mixed

Robert Gardiner


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  • 3 years ago

    by GB

    Reading your poetry keeps reminding me that I MUST try writing sonnets, which is more than a huge challenge for me :)

    The poem is very beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing, it's always a joy to come back here.