by marvellous efe   Mar 11, 2015

Never want to love again
No, not after this greasy pain
Yet again, you came calling my name
I never knew it was the start of another game.

I never wanted to give in
But I was convince by your love song
I thought I should fill in
Thinking I might put right all wrong.

I gave my all to show I forgive
You get more, to flow you forget
Like a thief who came to steal and live
Cos to you, am just another puppet.

A second chance was what i gave to you
Still you never stopped acting strange
But i was just a fool
Thinking that you've changed.

You wanted to destroy my heart emotions
Just because you don't have one
I could not concentrate on myself cos the smiles on your face always steal my attention
But now I'm done, you, my heart have shun.

I loved you, but it's time to let go
My life is also important, i wished you knew
I'm tired of bearing pains
I have no tear to drop
There is nothing there to gain
So i decided to stop.

I will love someone, someday
Memories of you won't ruin it, no way!
I promise to give the best of me to my next
Not treat her the way i was treated by an ex.

yes! i swore never to love again
But how can i move on without loving?
I won't let my past spoil my future
Nor let any destroy its structure
So i need to keep on moving
To free myself from the chains of pains.

I will love again
but this time, not in vain.


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  • 3 years ago

    by Daniel Danchizz

    Wow! That's great and sweet, i love it...just reminding me of my past. Kudos to you bro!