The Seductive Voice

by Mihir Deshmukh   Mar 20, 2015

It had been a drizzly day,
cloudy and aptly grey.
He had just parked his Audi,
whatever it was he seemed ready.
Spent his day behind the desk
at the end met the press.
And again got into his Audi,
and sped away our Mr. Teddy.
And next day in the papers,
a news that couldn't escape us.
Our Mr.teddy Henfrey was dead,
shot himself at midnight it said.
Funny thing it is,this suicide,
murder of those who already died.
But that's not why I write this,
I know something other than this.
Why did he pull the trigger,
something no one could configure.
But wait let's not hurry,
first lets see what happened to Harry.
Harry was a waitress at MacLaren's,
her death was shocking and sudden.
Was found in the cellar next day,
how did she die??I don't have to say.
Shot herself in the right temple,
but she wasn't strong she did tremble.
Still yet her muscles were stronger than her will,
why she did it?? find out we will.
The last person we come to is Dan,
or better known as the ice cream man.
Sold me a Popsicle that day,
just got engaged,never saw him this gay.
And even before he could think of a church,
for his body we had to search.
And there it was,in the freezer of his truck,
the agony intact,of when the bullet struck.
So it was,three people,three different night
the most decent people,they had no fights.
Strongest at heart I know they wouldn't,
pulled the trigger if they could've.
Nothing common between any of them,
completely different and yet the same.
So what was it that bound the three??
what killed them now we'll see.
So Teddy left in his car but never arrived,
he was transparent, nothing to hide.
So when he drove away his car that night,
he did stop when out of sight.
To change a flat tyre,damn those punctures,
and this is where,our story structures.
For there was someone who helped him out,
someone whom he didn't doubt.
And so after they were done,
to kill the cold they had some rum.
And that's when he did it,worked his way,
first gave Teddy a toy to play.
And then they had their duel,the shower of bullets,
firing as if they were paint pellets.
And when he lost Teddy had to die,
I'll tell you later,don't ask me why.
Our next victim is the lovely miss Harry,
for that lad I really feel sorry.
For she was killed right in the bar,
he couldn't wait,to puncture her car.
It was twilight and the house was closed,
she was awake while everyone dozed.
That's when she met this lovely man,
what followed??Everything he planned.
Got her tipsy then introduced the game,
one tequila shot,that what killed that dame.
Not physically,physically she shot herself,
and why did she play,at the end I'll tell.
And at last our dear Dan,
happier than ever,our ice cream man.
Who never got home,to hug his fiance,
one wrong turn,his mistake that day.
And in no time he had to halt,
get out and face the assault.
And then he had to play the game,
his reasons?? yes they're the same.
So why did three happy people commit suicide,
to investigate no one tried.
The only link was the gun,
playing with bullets,indeed no fun.
Our dear friend,Mr.Murderer I call,
wasn't angry or taking any toll.
He was just bored of his mundane routine,
so he tried a trick ,somewhere he had seen.
The trick was to get in their minds,
a grey spot then he would find.
Just while chatting he would play his trick,
remind them how humdrum life is,how sick.
And in the same breath an adventure,
the last leg of his mournful venture.
But why did he kill men,why oh lord!!??
cause he was a rotting genius,a real mind getting bored.
And why did they play,had they no choice?
not after listing to this seductive voice.


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Latest Comments

  • 3 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Excellent write.

  • 3 years ago

    by The Fairy Mary Poppins

    It's very long if it's not separated in stanzas which is the only thing I really love in a poem, I don't want just a story. I want a story I can read a story that dresses itself in poetry and I think that's what lacked in my eyes, besides that it was very nice. 5/5