Pillsbury Dough Boy:

by Scott Cole   May 26, 2015

I'm the Pillsbury Dough Boy
And I like my rolls buttered,
I'm the fattest little thing
In Mother Hubbard's Cubbard.

I look just like that tire guy
Except he's a little thinner,
I might not be a winner
But I'm never late for dinner.

I always rise and shine
Before the crack of dawn,
That leaves me some time
To get me my roll on.

Sprinkle me with flour
And streatch me right out,
Bake me in your oven
That's what I'm all about.

I'm a whole lot doughy
On the outside and within,
But I've still always made
Me lots and lots of friends.

I'm full of carbohydrates
So I'm plump and round,
So don't you be suprised
If you should gain a pound.

I'm ok when I'm cold
I'm better when I'm hot,
Be easy with the butter
Cause that's my weak spot.

Pass the bread basket
Just pass me all around,
As I melt in your mouth
I'll keep the noise down.

Some jelly or some honey
Can sweeten me right up,
That's why I'm President
Of the Breakfast Club.

Check out my layers
And my self-rising dough,
The hotter you get me
The more my biscuits grow.

I'm the Pillsbury Dough Boy
One day I'll be a man,
But until the day that comes
I'm so happy who I am.


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